Thursday, September 11, 2008

MAA Artist of the Year: Judy Gelinas

Every year the Manchester Artists' Association honors a member as Artist of the Year. This year's recipient of this award is pastelist Judy Gelinas, of Manchester.
At E. W. Poore, we have been honored over the years to display artwork by the MAA's Artist of the Year, and this year is no exception. We were thrilled when Judy was selected as we get to peek over her shoulder on Thursday evenings when she is studying in our Art Studio with instructor, Mary Buergin.
Congratulations Judy!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Red Sox Nation comes to visit

We were very excited to have a visit from New Hampshire Governor of Red Sox Nation, Janice Page. Janice, who works at the VA Hospital, brought in a portrait of her grand-pup, Zoe, to be framed as a wedding gift for her daughter and new son-in-law.
Congratulations Janice, and GO SOX!